The Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) Explained

The Hogan Personality Account (HPI) is a psychometric appraisal apparatus that is advised to admeasurement accustomed personality as empiric in the plan environment. The HPI is active in cadre selection, agent development and for career-related decision-making.

Personality profiling with the HPI is acceptable more accepted convenance for organisations in their alternative process. This is due to the HPI getting a amount able agency to appraise how carefully a candidate’s personality fits both the job belief and the adeptness of the organisation. Because altered occupations crave altered personality characteristics, the HPI can is acclimated to aid decisions about cadre selection, career progression and career planning.

The HPI has been developed accurately for the business association and was the aboriginal account of accustomed personality based on the Five-Factor Model. The Five-Factor Archetypal is a absolutely anecdotic archetypal of personality of personality based on 5 ample domains of personality that are acclimated by abreast psychologists to call animal personality. These are: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism (referred to as OCEAN in short).

The HPI provides advice on what is alleged the “bright side” of personality. The “bright side” of our personality relates to characteristics that affectation during amusing interactions that can facilitate or arrest a being accomplishing their goals in their relationships, education, activity and in work.

The HPI examines seven amount ambit of the ‘bright side’ of the personality.

  • Adjustment – confidence, self-esteem, and accord beneath pressure
  • Ambition – initiative, competitiveness, and admiration for administration roles
  • Sociability – extraversion, gregarious, and charge for amusing alternation
  • Interpersonal Sensitivity – tact, perceptiveness, and adeptness to advance relationships
  • Prudence – self-discipline, albatross and conscientiousness
  • Inquisitive – imagination, curiosity, and artistic potential
  • Learning Approach – achievement-oriented, stays abreast on business and abstruse matters

The HPI has assorted applications. It can be acclimated for:

  • Individual appraisal – the HPI can advice a being adjudge which specific activity they are best ill-fitted to.
  • Personnel alternative – the HPI can advice an organisation’s alternative action through anecdotic applicants who affectation the claimed characteristics that fit best to the requirements of the role and organisational culture.
  • Management development – the HPI can analyze areas of accessible development for individuals.

Having been acclimated over 25 years to adumbrate agent performance, the HPI has become the industry accepted for barometer accustomed personality. The HPI has helped organisations in abbreviation agent turnover, absenteeism, and underperforming chump service.

The HPI takes about than 20 account to complete. The after-effects of the HPI are delivered in a address that provides a arbitrary of the after-effects on anniversary calibration compared to the normative sample. It does not accommodate any analytic abstracts as it is advised a aperture of able belief to administrate an HPI appraisal after person-to-person aftereffect analysis by a able practitioner.